Shungite...what it is, why you might want some & how to use it

Potential uses:

  • Personal Energy Protection Assists with removing excess energies from you personal energy/aura field, can be carried or worn as jewelry.

  • Place in Drinking Water - Assists in structuring/making the water "living water", becoming more bio-compatible for living creatures such as yourself & your animals! (Shungite Water Nuggets)

  • Use with Plants & Gardens - Studies have shown Shungite removes harmful chemical/toxins from the soil such as Round-Up weed killer & others, in addition to energetically promoting rapid & extreme growth with plants! (Shungite Powder)

  • Use on Beehives - Mix Shungite powder into your beehives exterior paint for a "Shungite Faraday Cage" protection from harmful EMF, wifi & cellphone frequencies that have been PROVEN to harm bees! Learn more about Shungite Beehives at:

  • Place on Electronics - Add Shungite (Shungite stickers or nuggets) to electronics such as cellphones, wifi routers, computers, tv's, etc... to assist with attenuation of the harmful frequencies being emitted by modern technology.

Shungite C60
Shungite Energized Water
Shungite Beehives
Shungite Protection
Shungite C60