Water Elemental Bracelet (bronze & copper)


Created By: Cosmic Earth Medicine




The Water Elemental Ring - has the power of Water. Activates cleansing of the body it creates flow in life. Strong connection to the solar plexus chakra. Releases emotional baggage and washes away energy field blockages. This ring resonates with the frequency of the water spirit. Helping to regulate the body and blood flow. Gives power to reprogram the water in your body allowing you to be hard and soft as needed.

Tensor rings bring light to darkness. You will notice when bringing tensor energy into your life that things will come up for healing. Sometimes we have blockages, whether it be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual, that stand in the way of our progress or have been causing us pain. Tensor energy will bring to light these blockages and healing will need to take place. The frequency of your being will change and old habits and ideals that no longer serve you will not be able to exist on your new frequency. Not only are tensor rings good for you, they are also beneficial to the people and things around you. Place a glass of water on a ring and the water will start to be cleared of impurities. The shape of the structure of the water will be restored. Tensor energy also rids the the air of pollutants and other particulates. Tensor rings generate an unending supply of positive energy.

Water Elemental Bracelet (bronze & copper)

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