Virginia Bright Leaf Tobacco Seeds (appx 200 seeds)



Nicotiana tabacum, ‘Virginia Bright Leaf’


The origins of Virginia Bright Leaf, or Cultivated Tobacco, are obscure; it is not known in the wild and appears to be a hybrid between Woodland Tobacco (N. sylvestris), N. tomentosiformis, and another species, perhaps N. otophora, which was deliberately selected by humans. ‘Bright leaf’ tobaccos became popular in the early 1800s as demand for milder and more aromatic products arose.A warm-weather, half-hardy annual with huge light-green leaves and pink, tubular flowers. Direct sow indoors, or outdoors in spring after last frost. Averages 6′ in height with 18-20 leaves per plant. The leaves reach maturity when blooms appear at 55 days. The flowers release a wonderfully fragrant vanilla aroma at dusk on summer evenings which attracts hummingbirds and hawk-moths. Grows up to 7 ft tall!  Hardy to around 27 F

Virginia Bright Leaf cures easily to a light golden brown with yields averaging 3 oz of dried leaf per plant. Primarily used in cigarette and pipe blends. Very mild flavored smoke. Low nicotine content.

Seeds are highly viable under standard seed planting methods.


Full sun.


Height: 5-7 ft


Please note: All tobaccos should be considered poisonous to consume (smoking brings its own risks); some are extremely poisonous and have caused fatalities. Poisoning through intentional or accidental misuse of nicotine and products containing it is a relatively common occurrence. Related species may contain other toxic alkaloids, chemically similar to nicotine, so it is for this reason we suggest that you enjoy Nicotiana mutablis and other ornamental species of tobacco for their flowers only. Do NOT smoke these leaves.

Virginia Bright Leaf Tobacco Seeds

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