Shungite S4 Sticker (3 Stickers)


Shungite S4 Stickers (aka S4 stickers) are used on cellphones of all types & any electronics that send/receive a signal.



  • Game boxes (xbox, game cube & others)
  • Cable boxes
  • Wifi routers/boosters
  • Cellphones & cordless phones
  • Computers, tablets & laptops
  • Alexa & Siri devices (and similiar wifi connected devices)
  • "Smart" appliances such as, refridgerator, washer/dryer, dishwasher, stoves & many others


(S4 Powder is sealed within the S4 stickers which can be placed either on or inside cellphone covers/cases)

Our S4 Shungite Stickers contain revolutionary proprietary technology using the mineral Shungite & Silver which creates a healing environment for your body by becoming biocompatible with the Earth's natural electromagnetic field. When attached to your devices the Shungite stickers work by transmuting and changing the spin of the device's harmful EMF (electromagnetic frequency) to a beneficial or biocompatible frequency/field.


*Stickers DO NOT need to be removed/peeled from backing to be effective.


(Sicker size: 1.75" x 2.00" when removed from sticker backing)

Shungite S4 Sticker (3 Stickers)

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