Shungite & Silver Bamboo Coasters (4)


We take Shungite powder blended with 99.9% pure Silver powder then combine them in a resin (liquid plastic) so they can be poured into our 100% natural bamboo coasters.


The Shungite bamboo coasters are a great way of introducing your beverages into a Shungite/Silver healing frequency field without adding Shungite nuggets to the liquid itself. As long as a berverage/electronic device/plant or other item is near Shungite it will benefit from the Oronge energy field Shungite can strengthen & clear of excess energies.


Suggested Uses:

  • Hot coffee/teas
  • Use as a tray for your Rx/Perscriptions
  • Place baby bottles on before use
  • Take when you travel or restaurants

Shungite & Silver Bamboo Coasters (4)

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