Shungite Pendant for Pets/Keychain


To avoid animals claws from catching on wire wrapped Shungite pendants we've designed a resin (a type of plastic) Shungite pendant which is made from Shungite powder mixed into a liquid resin which is poured into a tear drop mould.


Large rugged ring can be put directly on the collar (dogs, farm animals). For those who do not want to wear a pendant, this can be used as a keychain (or attached to backpacks) to be carried in your pocket.


Shungite tear drop pendants are not limited to animals, they can be worn yourself or even used on electronic devices to assist with harmful frequencies.


The Shungite sold on this site comes from the Zazhoginsky deposits in the Russian Republic of Karelia near the eastern border of Finland.

Shungite Pet Pendant/Keychain

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