Shungite Orgonite Device (1)


Our Hexagon Shungite Orgonite Energy Devices are just that, unique energy devices that can assist in removal of heavy/toxic/excessive energies of all types when placed in your environment. The hexagon shape is what's known as sacred geometry which aids the device while working with energies.


Created with:

  • Shungite nuggets
  • Shungite & Silver powder
  • Gold leaf
  • Wooden LOVE heart
  • Tiger's Eye stone
  • The most important ingredient is loving & healing energy/intent


* We use a liquid resin (plastic non-toxic) which is then mixed with both the Shungite & Silver powders achieving the dark color. We then select a piece of Shungite, Tiger's Eye & a wooden LOVE heart to be placed inside each of the energy devices. The final step is to place a piece of Gold leaf while on top while it cures. 

Shungite Orgonite Device (1)

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