Shungite/Dead Sea Salt/Organic Rose Petal Energy Bath Blend


* Comes in reusable 6oz glass jar w/cap (enough blend for appx 3 baths)


  • To create our Energy Bath Blend, we've taken the unique mineral composition of Dead Sea Salt (contains minerals not typically found in common salts that assist with removal of excess energies in your biofield/aura), then enhanced it with organic rose petals.
  • Next we add 3 Shungite nuggets (helps remove excess energy & structure the bath water for your energy body/aura).
  • Finally we've added a touch of LOVE with the addition of a small wooden heart with LOVE etched into it, which adds the frequency of LOVE (0.1hz) to your now bio-compatible & energetically charged bath water!

Shungite/Dead Sea Salt/Organic Rose Petal Bath Blend

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