Poppy Afghan Pink & White Seeds(medicinal) (medicinal) (appx 200 seeds)



Papaver hybridum, Pink & White’


Poppy hybridum prefers a cooler climate and grow best in loose, well drained soil, so should be planted out only when extreme heat is not anticipated. The seeds can be sown in the fall or early spring as soon as the last winter snow recedes.  Freezing seeds for 48 hours before sowing can increase the germination percentage. Seeds will not germinate if warmer than 60 F and do not transplant well.


This stunning ‘Afghan Pink & White’ fringed-petal poppy grows up to 4 ft in height and produces numerous flower heads per plant. Begins blooming early to mid summer. The flowers will attract a variety of beneficial insects to the garden, such as butterflies, bumblebees, ladybugs, and even hummingbirds.


When dried, the large seed pods are prized by florists for flower arrangements and other crafts. (Folks regularly sell these to florists.)


Full sun.


Height: 3- 4 ft


How & Why:

  • Poppy extracts have traditionally been used to relax smooth muscle tone, making them potentially useful in the treatment of diarrhea and abdominal cramping. The extract has been used as a sedative analgesic and antitussive.
  • Poppy seeds are used as a condiment with baked goods and pastries for their nutty odor and flavor. Poppy oil is widely used as an edible cooking oil. The oil is also used in the manufacture of paints, varnishes, and soaps.
  • Poppy seed is generally recognized as safe for human consumption as a spice or a natural flavoring.
  • Ancient Egyptian doctors would have their patients eat seeds from a poppy to relieve pain.
  • Poppy seeds contain small quantities of both morphine and codeine, which are pain-relieving drugs that are still used today.
  • Poppy seeds and fixed oils can also be nonnarcotic because when they are harvested about twenty days after the flower has opened, the morphine is no longer present.

Poppy Afghan Pink & White Seeds (medicinal)

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