Ornamental Flowering Tobacco Seeds (appx 100 seeds)



Nicotiana mutabilis


An ornamental flowering tobacco plant from Brazil. This giant show-stopper blooms nearly year-round in warmer climates and will quickly and easily reach 5 ft- 6 ft- even 8 ft tall, creating a sensational cloud of 1” blooms at least 3 ft across. In our garden it was nearly as wide as it was tall! It’s an annual in all but the warmest climates where it becomes a short lived perennial.. which is just one more reason this is currently our favorite ornamental Nicotiana plant!


Direct sow indoors, or outdoors in spring after last frost. Grows best in full sun in average, well-drained soil, but will tolerate light shade. Plant in rich soil for the best show. Each flower starts out white and as it ages turns to pale pink, then rose-red – with all colors appearing at the same time! When in full flower, there are hundreds of individual flowers that persist well into frost. It is truly incredible to see. The branches are physically sticky to the touch and give-off an intensely sweet aroma that we find similar to chamomile. Readily self-sows.


Attracts butterflies, hawk-moths, and hummingbirds cannot resist the sweet nectar. Deer and rabbits won’t touch it.


This was one of our favorite plants we grew this last year and may very well be one of our favorites of all-time. We have fallen in love, so will be planting many, many more of these and gifting seeds to anybody else with a garden!


Full sun.


Height: 5-8 ft


Zones: Perennial in zones 8+… Annual in all others.


Please note: All tobaccos should be considered poisonous to consume (smoking brings its own risks); some are extremely poisonous and have caused fatalities. Poisoning through intentional or accidental misuse of nicotine and products containing it is a relatively common occurrence. Related species may contain other toxic alkaloids, chemically similar to nicotine, so it is for this reason we suggest that you enjoy Nicotiana mutablis and other ornamental species of tobacco for their flowers only. Do NOT smoke these leaves.

Ornamental Flowering Tobacco Seed

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