Mystic Merlin Hollyhock Mallow Seeds (appx 30 seeds)


Description: Malva Sylvestris ‘Mystic Merlin’


Common Mallow, also known as French Hollyhock and High Mallow, is a long-flowering, semi-herbaceous, hardy perennial that’s easy to grow, drought tolerant, and requires little care. ‘Mystic Merlin’ plants produce masses of 2″ blooms in varying colors, which can include violets, purples, mauve, and magenta, summer through fall ,and stretches to 4-6′ tall x 4′ wide!


Sow indoor, or outdoors after last frost. Does best in full sun to light shade, and tolerates most soils.  Reseeds easily, but is not invasive. Hardy as can be. Great cottage garden plant.


Most parts of this plant are edible. The leaves are edible raw… young leaves are more tender and less bitter than older leaves. Young shoots are edible raw. Leaves are suitable as a soup thickener. Seeds are edible raw and have a palatable, nut-like flavor. Flower buds and flowers are also edible.


Light shade to full sun.

Height: 4- 6 ft

Mystic Merlin Hollyhock Mallow Seeds (edible)

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