Cosmic Silver Shungite (Advanced Energy Healing Tool/Protection)


*When ordered we'll hand select your piece of Cosmic Silver Shungite for you.


We hand pick each piece of Shungite to be enhanced into Cosmic Silver Shungite at our Shungite Beehives location/apairy nestled in the Cascade Mountains of Darrington, WA. Next we place the Shungite pieces into one of our commercial rock tumblers (tumblers are hexagon in shape, using sacred geometry to enhance energies), which we then allow to tumble for 3 days.


Our tumbling medium we use to enhance the Shungite consist of 99.9% pure silver pieces. By tumbling the Shungite in only pure silver (view photos above), the naturally energetically strong pieces of Shungite are enhanced with a physical/3D healing frequency due to the many 1000's of silver particles now covering not only the surface of the Shungite, but the Silver has also been shown to migrate into the Shungite itself. The migration is a common process of physics, which is why silver or gold in pure form aren't used on circuitry.


With the combination of Shungite & Silver we now have access to a unique energy tool that will not only work on energies of all types but inneract with the physical bodies energies assisting us in healing ourselves. 


Cosmic Silver Shungite is only available from Mystical Wares (made by Derek Condit) online store or store front in Mount Vernon, WA.


Available as:

  • Pendants
  • Nuggets
  • Larger Specimens
  • Keychains or Pet Tags

Cosmic Silver Shungite Nugget

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