Chakra Beeswax Orgonite Energy Device (1) - Chakra/Rainbow color


*Glass jars are 3.1" inches tall w/cork top

*Each device is hand-made and will be unique

*Hand-made by Derek Condit @ Mystical Wares Store in Mount Vernon, WA


Orgonite devices are "Energy Devices" that can be used to balance or harmonize your own bio-energy field or aura body (aka Chi or Prauna body). Science has shown the layering of organic materials with metals can generate movement within this energy field we call Orgone. With the addition of organic beeswax as the medium, rather than a commonly used plastic or resin, we've removed the non-biocompatible frequency from our devices.



  • Place in your personal environment to assist with living-energy flow while you focus on your desired intention. (ie: imagine your physical body at 100% while in this energy to help program yourself as such.)
  • During meditation times you can use your intent/imagination to program your bodies (energy, emotional & physical body) to be more.


Orgonite Device Ingredients:

  • Organic Beeswax
  • Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Natural Silica Sand (colored for a paticular frequency)
  • Palo Santo Wood
  • Shungite Nuggets
  • Shungite Powder
  • Copper Pellets


*Do not remove cork top, it's been secured in place during wax pouring.

Chakra Beeswax Orgone Energy Device

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