Ceremonial Tobacco Seeds (appx 200 seeds)



Nicotiana rustica | ‘Midewiwan’ Ceremonial Tobacco


Medewiwan Ceremonial Tobacco is known by many common names including: Wild Tobacco, Sacred Tobacco, Shamanic Tobacco, Erowid Tobacco, Aztec Tobacco, Mapacho in South America, and Thuoc Lao in Vietnam. Its a warm-weather annual, completing its life cycle in one season, and then re-seeds freely. Better results are achieved sowing indoors 6-10 weeks before last frost but can be outdoors in spring after last frost too. Grows best in full sun in average, well-drained soil, but will tolerate light shade. Plants stay short with green leaves and small light green/yellow flowers.


There are a large number of members of the Nicotania family and many different applications to use them. Nicotania rustica, for example, is not the same tobacco used to make cigarettes, which is Nicotania tabacum. This Midewiwan Tobacco (N. Rustica) is several times higher in nicotine (9%), than Nicotania tobacum (1-3%).


Nicotiana rustica is widely used in Native American ceremonies, generally without inhaling. Can treat bruises, sprains, infected wounds and even baldness. Folks also ingest it by chewing, snuffing, or using as an enema. Insecticidal spray for your gardens can also be made that takes care of aphids, mites, and whiteflies.


This tobacco variety is often referred to as Midewiwan ‘Sacred’ Tobacco, but its been said that when something’s ‘for sale’, it shouldn’t be called ‘sacred’, so we choose to use ‘ceremonial’ instead.


Full sun.


Height: 12- 24 inches


Please note: All tobaccos should be considered poisonous to consume (smoking brings its own risks); some are extremely poisonous and have caused fatalities. Poisoning through intentional or accidental misuse of nicotine and products containing it is a relatively common occurrence. Related species may contain other toxic alkaloids, chemically similar to nicotine, so it is for this reason we suggest that you enjoy Nicotiana mutablis and other ornamental species of tobacco for their flowers only. Do NOT smoke these leaves.

Ceremonial Tobacco Seeds

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