Your Etheric Backpack

We're all to often not told the full story about some of the tools we come into this life already in possession of, such as our etheric backpacks. Many of us have been told if we want to get rid of excess or negative energies or even karma & traumas we should just release them, or send them away to some place.

Another option to consider is requesting assistance of your guides/higher-self to help remove them for and from all times. A way of boosting or encouraging the energies to be such that they are in alignment with your higher-self, is to do our 50%. This can be thought of as our part in connecting the physical to the metaphysical, thus making clear our intentions.

We can do this by considering an invisible or etheric backpack on your back at all times, it's empty of all excess every day from the moment you awake. During our typical days we encounter all sorts of stresses, drama's & trauma's that can manifest in the form of excess or negative energies all to often on our aura's/energy bodies.

A way of doing our 50% is to catch ourselves when we're having these thoughts, memories or situations and to use our imagination to place them in a imaginary sphere, I'd suggest making the inside of the sphere lined with a silver mirror helping to contain the energy. Next you take this silver lined (on the inside) sphere you've surrounded the thought/energy with and place it inside of your etheric backpack.

This can be done throughout the day, and as often as needed. Once you feel your backpack is getting full you simply take it off and hand it over to your higher-self to deal with. By doing this you've made clear with your intentions to your higher-self that you're done with the energies you've placed within it.

Once you've handed off your backpack, a new one appears ready for the next stress, drama or trauma (even what we call Karmas can be placed inside & removed), with an unlimited supply don't be shy in handing them off as often as you feel it's necessary.

One way to think about it is imagine if you were in the role of spirit guide and your soul-family member was in a human life having experiences to further develop themselves. You wouldn't want to take away an opportunity for them to learn while the're in school, unless you knew for sure they were done with that particular experience/lesson.

The use of our personal etheric backpacks (btw no one can place energy inside but yourself) is one way of making it clear with your intentions that you're done and are ready to move on or even separate from the experience/energy all together.

There are no limits to what the backpack can hold, from life's largest traumas to the stress from the person who cut you off in traffic. Either way you can release the energy more quickly and easier than you may have ever thought possible.

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