Fair Cancellation/Change of Venue

Due to several factors we've had to cancel the Metaphysical, Holistic & Art Fair that was to be held in Monroe on June 13th & 14th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We hit a time frame where we were required to reach a certain number of vendor sign-ups/paid invoices to reserve the 33,000 sq.ft building at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds.

  • All vendors who have made a payment in any form will be refunded 100%

  • Mystical Wares will pay all fees associated with Paypal for all refunds/payments

  • Only payments made through paypal, or the portion of the payment made through Paypal can be refunded back to you via Paypal. (example: if you paid part via Paypal & part via cash/check you'll be refunded the same way)

  • Not one person will be not made whole, but please allow us a few days to work out all the moving parts and finalize all refunds.

  • If you do not see a full refund in your Paypal account or credit card & we have not notified you by Wednesday 2/12/20 please contact us at: 1-888-210-1500 or email contact@mysticalwares.net and we'll respond ASAP. 

This was only a speed bump, we're currently searching for a new permanent location in Skagit County where we'll be holding a Metaphysical, Holistic & Art Fair on the last Sunday of each month year round.

The new monthly fairs will be much smaller in size and all associated fees will be in align with new costs. For example any new location will be in the $100's of dollars to rent, not the $2500 per day the fairgrounds required.

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