​Mystical Wares has a large event/classroom (seating for 50) that can be reserved to host your own special event or group gatherings such as bridal & baby showers, birthdays or graduations.

  • Event Space/Classroom: $0 No Charge

  • Custom Beaded Bracelet: $25 (We roll out our bead cart & provide everything needed to build yourself a custom bracelet with many type of natural beads to choose from.)

  • Create a custom Orgonite Energy Device: $25 (You'll choose from dozens of rocks, crystals, herbs & oils to layer with organic beeswax to build a personal energy device.)

  • Make a custom Energy Candle: $25 (Using organic beeswax & dozens of natural ingredients, polished rocks, crystals & gems you can create your own orgone energy candle you can burn then retrieve the rocks & crystals when it's done.)

  • Have a Personal Live Video Aura Reading:$35 (includes a 15 page color printout of your birth chart & personal aura)

  • Personal Reiki Energy Session w/Julissa Helms (15min): $35

  • Personal Psychic/Intuitive Reading w/Derek Condit (15min): $35

  • Salt/Shungite/Light/Sound Therapy Cabin Session (20min): $25


Also Available: Group Psychic/Intuitive Chat w/Derek Condit: (1hour): $100

There is no charge for the space itself, although we do require each participant choose (2) of the available options from the list above. For reservations please email contact@mysticalwares.net
Custom Orgonite Device
Custom Orgonite Device
Custom Bracelet
Custom Bracelet
Custom Orgonite Device
Live Video Aura Reading
Julissa Helms
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