Custome Orgone Device
Customer made custom orgone device
Customer made custom candles
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Candle & Orgonite Station
Choose from dozens of ingredients to create your own custom organic beeswax orgonite device!
There is no need to wait for a scheduled orgonite class, stop by during normal business hours to make one anytime, you can even bring your own container!
Example Custom Orgonite Devices

By creating your personal orgonite device you'll not only be programming it with your individual energy & intent, you'll also be able to choose each ingredient that goes into it in the order specific to your needs/wants. With assistance from your own higher-self & spirit guides, Derek will help guide you through the creation process, this way each person goes home with a device in alignment with their higher-self. Creating orgonite devices in this way integrates a person's unique frequency in each device.

Orgone Device Description Sheet