Salt Cabin with Halogenerator
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Salt therapy is a process by which the generator creates a salt vapor or mist that's inhaled into the lungs and the mucous membrane, the microscopic salt air can provide anti-inflammatory detoxification for the lungs and mucous membrane. Simply put salt attracts moisture, when the microscopic salt vapor enters the body the moisture in the lungs and the mucous membrane is instantly attracted to the salt and the body is then able to expectorate naturally through the body's digestive system. The salt collects the toxins & inflammation then helps the body to remove it in a natural way. Salt therapy can be a very important healing and wellness system, salt therapy is helping alleviate and or healing COPD asthma allergies and it's even helping those that have Asperger's disease and autism, in addition to many skin ailments.

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Ozone Gas Disinfectant Treatments

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There are many ways to disinfect, but ozone has a 99% effectiveness when killing pathogens like the flu, SARS, and Coronavirus.  Ozone gas has been proven to kill the SARS coronavirus. Ozone is being used for the fumigation of homes and buildings (sick building syndrome), the treatment of indoor air in operating rooms and nursing homes, and the disinfection of large scale air conditioning systems in hospitals. We use shock treatment of ozone for a short period of time. Shock treatment involves using a commercial ozone generator with a timer to create disinfectant levels of ozone in an enclosed room or building for a short period of time; between one and several hours. Ozone Shock Treatment can eliminate odors, airborne pathogens, and bacteria in many common places such as homes, offices, shops, and medical offices. In addition, it is very successful at disinfecting rooms, cars and removing unpleasant odors from the interior such as cigarette smoke, burning odor, and animal odor.

All visitors will not only have the option of remaining 6+ foot distance from others, but face coverings will also be available for use if needed at no charge. All our classes will continue as planned, our current classroom space has more than enough room to account for needed distancing where required. Learn more about Ozone, view 2 min video here.

For our community safety we've invested in UV Sanitizing Wands for your personal use while visiting Mystical Wares.

Customers are welcome to use one of our 99.9% effective wands while they browse through the store. We've also installed UV-C light sanitizers which kill up to 99.9% of bacteria & viruses in our restrooms.

99.9% Effective Sanitizing Wand
99.9% Effective Sanitizing Wand
UV-C Light Kills Up to 99.9% Bacteria and Viruses Reduces Odors and Freshens the Air

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